6 nov. 2012


¿Quiénes son Parralox? Esa banda electro que ha creado himnos como "Hotter", "Isn´t It Strange", "Supermagic", "Creep" o "Sharper Than A Knife". Influídos por Eurythmics, Yazoo, Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp, The Human League y Erasure. Nada mejor que este video de presentación para los que aún no los conocen. Elegantes y melódicos; electrónicos y con clase: PARRALOX.


It was only a matter of time
Before I had to say goodbye
Johnny 7 knows I'm right
We talk about it all the time

I told you lies, I even compromised
I tell you
I'll never feel that way again

Why did you try to change me I thought you'd realise?
It took me so long, but now that you're gone I'm fine!
You hurt me so bad, I don't know if you can understand
That your love cut me sharper than a knife
That your love cut me sharper than a knife

Now I hope you understand
Biggest person in the land
That is something you are not
My self respect is all I've got


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